This site is the combined result of some of my personal interests and the frustration that one encounters when dealing in obscure areas of knowledge such as entomology, where so much remains to be known and few people interested. Things would be easier if it was a matter say of fashion or computer technology….alas these are not my cup of tea….

Therefore, I have tried to illustrate as many Hong Kong insect species as I can (both time and technical factors hinder that process).
However, up to date biological/taxonomic information of many South-China species, families or even orders, is scarce if not available at all. This, combined to the fact that despite my keen interest in biology, I am not a professional entomologist, will unavoidably lead to mis-identifications and outdated information. I would appreciate comments and corrections of any nature (within the remit of the intent of this site... of course!).

The Hymenoptera pages will be the first to get full attention as this order, particularly Aculeata, is my center of interest.

All the pictures - unless otherwise specified - are taken by me, most within the precincts of my garden in a small village in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. I have also included specimens from my collection when I had no live pictures to display, although my picture gallery is increasing daily…

Most photographs were taken with a 35mm Pentax ME camera, equipped with a 50mm Pentax macro lens and Sunpak ring flash. Films are 100 asa Fuji Reala. However, recently I acquired the latest Nikon D200, with AF Micro Nikkor 60mm lens. I still use a Sunpak ring flash.
I have since then relegated my old and faithful 35mm (over 20 years of service with the same model) to the draws....(sob!)

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